short biography

Miyoko is a french art video director and editor located in Paris, France.

Her professional editing experience, and her art video making practice, brought her to conceptualize an art video studio for interior spaces.

Her interest in art video started in 1997 during her exchange student year in Portland, Maine.

Among others, the great artist Bill Viola particularly caught her attention and admiration for his video environments which envelop the visitor in a image and sound world both poetic and dense.

Determined to create her own video art works, she was taught and trained in 2001 to the cinema making techniques, majoring in editing for 3 years at Institut International de l’Image et du Son (International Institute of Image and Sound), located in Paris region, from which she obtained her Master of Fine Arts specialized in editing and special effects degree. 

Since then, she has worked as a director or editor on short movies, documentaries, corporate films, commercials, and TV programs in France.  She now has an expansive network and has just finished an artistic documentary with Kanye West.

More recently, she is teaching the editing techniques at the international renown animation movie, photography and filmmaking shool Les Gobelins.

In parallel, she directs videos for contempory art exhibits (Paris, Bruxelles, Dubaï) and responds to diverse video scenography orders for thematical events such as those of the

Reflex gallery on tattoo or crowd phenomenon.  Other example is the exhibit Vidéo’Appart which consisted in video installations at private places of individuals or in hotels along with a great number of artists.

Miyoko developped over the years a unique approach which combines both technical ability with a concrete understanding of story construction so as to give an original artistic vision.

general artistic approach

“What is constitutive of a person’s identity? Is it based on one’s imagination?” These are the questions which Miyoko Caubet asks in the body of her work. She is continually searching for ways to express and explore every side of the privacy of the mind. Schooled in video editing and mixed media art, she uses the audiovisual language to serve this intention.  She also includes other mediums such as photography, drawing and writing when they can bring additional dimensions to the purpose of her ideas. Her works are situated between fine arts and cinema.